Interhash 2026

Welcome to Interhash 2026! We are thrilled to host this remarkable event in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, a location renowned for its spectacular mountains, temples, crystal-clear skies, and world-class activities and attractions.

Where You’ll Be

Interhash 2026 takes place during the … season in Yogyakarta. This time of year is characterized by long sunny days and fresh air, making it the perfect climate for our outdoor event. With daytime temperatures ranging between 20°C and 30°C, you will experience long days perfect for exploring the diversity of world class popular landscapes. It’s the ideal time to write your own adventures while enjoying leisurely at the temples or hikes up into the mountains.

Hash Pubs

Part of the joy of Interhash is the socializing, and we are pleased to inform you that Yogyakarta offers some of the best restaurants and food courts in Indonesia. With over 150 restourant, food courts and cafes in the region, you can enjoy everything from fine dining to family-friendly eateries, and iconic gudeg joints. Enjoy the local produce and flavors of the region, and experience Yogyakarta’s globally renowned food, beverages, and friendly nightlife​.

Getting There

Getting to Yogyakarta for Interhash 2026 is absolutely easy. Yogyakarta International Airport receives daily direct flights from around Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore’s main airports. The airport is located just 15 minutes from downtown Yogyakarta, linking to the city centre with shuttles, taxi services, buses, and rental cars, also train. For those preferring the scenic route, riding train into Yogyakarta is an equally beautiful experience, offering the chance to take in the stunning farming field scenery route through Kulon Progo and Sleman.


Registration for Interhash 2026 is now open! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to join us in Yogyakarta for this epic event. Yogyakarta’s geography, flora, and fauna are incredibly diverse and can be explored on a range of stunning hash trails. We can assure you, there’s hashing, and there’s hashing in paradise. You won’t be disappointed! Register now to secure your place​.