Welcome To INTERHASH 2026

Welcome to interhash 2026 official Website, for the Interhash 2026 in Yogyakarta. Stay tuned for exciting details to be announced shortly, also please follow the new OFFICIAL facebook group.

Interhash, the world’s premier hashing event that brings together the international hashing community in one unforgettable experience.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of Prambanan temple, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, the event will take place from the May 8th 2026 until May 10th 2026. Known for its stunning landscapes and natural attractions, Prambanan Temple’s spectacular scenery that is renowned worldwide. Merapi mountain, crystal clear skies, and an enviable environment make the perfect stage for all our activities.

Getting to Yogyakarta is absolutely easy, with daily direct flights from Jakarta, Singapore, Perth, Hong Kong, KL, Bangkok, also some domestic Indonesian airport. Plus, great road connections to major Yogyakarta highways make it an easy and beautiful experience. Also available airport train to deliver from airport to Yogyakarta Tugu railway station which is extremely close to the central of the city. There’s nothing quite like a road trip through Indonesia’s scenic routes.

We invite you to welcome and join us for an unforgettable hashing adventure in paradise. You won’t be disappointed!